Anke Zeißig : Lectures

since 2019 Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg, Therapy Sciences: Lecture and Exercise in Communication; Nursing Sciences: Developmental Psychology

since 2019 Lausitz Klinik Forst GmbH, staff training courses

2006-2019 Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, Lecture " Client-Centered Approach"

2017-2018 Palucca University of Dance Dresden, Lecture "Resilience in Examination and High Performance Phases"

2013-2019 Studentenwerk Dresden, Lecture "Fit for exams", "Decision-making"

2018 Dresden University of Technology, Lecture "Fear of writing - differentiation and coping options"

2018 Dresden University of Applied Sciences, Lecture: "Exam preparation - methods, techniques, approaches to solving problems"

2017 Dresden University of Technology, Lecture: "Mental Health in Studies"

2017 DIHK Society Bonn and ZWH Düsseldorf, IHK Education Centre Dresden, Lecture: "Dropping out of studies: Why? What follows?"

2016 Dresden University of Technology "Coping with study-related and personal problems"

2010 Composers' Class Dresden e.V., Easter course "From film trick to sound track"

2008 Vocational School Centre for Electrical Engineering Dresden, Film workshop

2005 University of Leipzig, "inform-reflect-participate - media as mediators in the discourse on ethical, legal and social questions of modern medicine and biotechnology"